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Home staging sells houses!

  • Staged homes kept in "show to sell" condition sells for a price that is between 10-20% higher than unstaged ones. 

We'll stage your home to showcase its best features by offering:

  • An Objective "Buyer's Eye" in Preparing a House for Sale
  • Special Touches to Make a House Inviting to Potential Buyers
  • Color Analysis to Present a House in its Most Flattering Light
  • Optimal Furniture Arrangement to Make the Most of Square Footage
  • Helpful Advice & Solutions for Eliminating Clutter
When your house is staged, it is fresh; clean and polished; updated and welcoming.


Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.

In the case of this vacant condo, furniture was rented to aid in defining the space. In addition, the walls were painted an attractive neutral cream color and the air conditioning window unit was removed to allow the natural light to flow into the room. Now, instead of being reminded that the condo doesn't have central air, a potential buyer can imagine eating dinner in the dining room or chatting with friends in the cozy living room

 Before, this guest room was used as a catch all for knockknacks and paperwork. Outdated curtains and tattered plants that had both seen better days overtook the space. The entire room had an outdated, cluttered and  drab feel. Not exactly the impression you want to give a potential buyer!  After rearrranging the furniture, applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls, replacing the outdated curtains with fresh white cotton ones, and adding pictures and furniture the home owner already owned, the room now feels fresh, updated and spa-like.   
Re-Design Interiors will also help you create a winning first impression with potential buyers. Increase curb appeal by keeping bushes trimmed,  repainting or replacing an older front door, down spouts, and replacing hardware like door knobs, house numbers and mail boxes. Weeding and mulching are at the top of my list for getting a lot of bang for your buck when enhancing curb appeal. If a buyer is so turned off with the looks of your house's exterior that he won't  even get out of his agent's car...what does that say about your chances of selling the house?







The Home Staging Mindset:

Staging  is about organizing your home and life as you prepare to move.Staging is decluttering-getting rid of items like newspaper clippings, collections, an excessive amount of toys, knickknacks, family pictures, houseplants and books. When selling your home, keep in mind that the way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are very different. Potential buyers must be able to visualize living in the house. They're buying your house, not your things.   Furniture De-cluttering -Remember what you take out of a room is just as important as what you bring in. When selling your home, less is definitely more.  The Home Stagers at Re-Design Interiors will help you show off your square footage by working with you to determine what to leave and what to take out. Staging focuses on De-Personalizing a space-By toning down your personal taste in the house, you create a universal appeal so that potential home buyers can see themselves living in the space. This can be easily and inexpensively accomplished by painting the walls a warm but neutral color, replacing an ornate light fixture or replacing the snoopy light switch covers in your child's room. Remember, as cold as it might sound, you are now selling a house, not your home. Staging is all about cleaning! Staging is clearing out! Moving is a great time to purge yourself of things you don't need. You can begin organizing your packing efforts by either pitching, packing or donating to a local charity anything you don't need as you start living in your staged home.  

Home Staging is probably more affordable than you think......and will cost much less than your first price reduction.